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Our press is about connecting readers and writers, stories and listeners, artists, performers and translators. We want to connect languages, lingo, and literature lovers.

The Mammoths are our present to you as a reader and to the community of creative makers.  This free online platform, provides and invites all to share your thoughts, work, experiments with a growing and diverse audience. Mammoths are self-contained essays, poems, short stories, thoughts and columns that possess Mammoth power in their small format. A manifesto, or poem, illustrations, audio or video; everything is possible, as long as it contains quality and character.  No subject is too crazy, no taboo too strong to break. What the author or artist publishes is free. Mammoths therefore are produced and put out in a very personal capacity. Online, and once in a while bundled and printed in a specially edited anthology. Lots of authors but also translators and illustrators have written and produced moving, insightful and entertaining works, some of them you might have read before and you find yourself desperate for more, others are new and touching the waters.

Would you like to create a Mammoth? Please submit to and a special Mammoth editor will get in touch with you!

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