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Mr. Limpy

Updated: May 24, 2023

Valentijn Hoogenkamp

To clean it, just use hand soap and warm water. Let it dry for a night on top of a washcloth and roll through cornstarch in the morning. Dust it off, so as not to get powder into your men’s underpants. In England, up to 1900, they pulverized mummies to create brown pigment. Mr. Limpy comes in black, cream and caramel.

Manuel Ferrara has a Spanish mother and a French father and grew up in Gagny, a Parisian suburb. He is the youngest of three and participated in national judo competitions as a kid, until he went to university. There, he studied physical education, taught judo classes and joined the army as a firefighter. It was during this time that Manuel went to an adult casting.

At the casting, Manuel was chosen from dozens of contenders and was asked, together with five other hopeful candidates, to perform on the spot. He was the only one who got hard.

Length Manuel, base to tip: 7.7 inches (including balls) Circumference at base of shaft: 6.5 inches

Length Mr. Limpy: 3.5 inches

Warning: don’t use to pitch a tent. Mr. Limpy is a dangly one.

Just before receiving his degree, Manuel was discovered by Rocco Siffredi, the most successful male star in the industry. That same month, Manuel flew to Prague to begin working as Rocco’s protégé. Because of his style he is admired by both viewers and female opponents.

Review of Manuel Ferrara Fleshjack model:

**** I recommend this product: + very realistic due to detail + good size - no suction cup

very realistic… feels good, no disturbing smell. If you’re looking for a good dick this is a must-have!

I do miss the suction cup though.

I lost a leather glove on the pavement, in the rain. Someone ran over it at night and when I found it again, it had dried up all stiff. I squeezed my hand in anyway. It still fit, but it kept crunching.

Mr. Limpy helps on days when my skin crunches. Manuel’s natural-born penis is copied, quivering, on a conveyor belt. He cries tears of joy and his French father and Spanish mother scatter caramel flowers over his bare chest.


Valentijn Hoogenkamp writes prose, poetry and plays. His plays and poetry have featured at such major festivals such as Lowlands and De Parade. His work has received the El Hizjra Literature Prize, been nominated for the ITs RO Theater Award and been selected for Women Playwrights International Stockholm and Interplay Europe Madrid. His debutnovel was showered with praise in the press. The rights for the German translation have been sold to Hoffman und Campe Verlag.

Photo: Sanja Marusic

Translation: Fannah Palmer. Read the original Mamoetje in Dutch here.



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